G1-B in black


“Whether listening to analog or digital, the G1-B is an incredibly satisfying preamplifier, offering everything you should expect from a world-class preamplifier; major frequency extension, weight and grip along with extremely low noise and an enveloping sound field that hints at the reality of a live performance.” – Tone Audio

The G1-B is an analog dual line stage/phono stage preamplifier that provides effortless subtlety and expression, illuminating a powerful and expansive soundscape with intimate nuance. The phono stage is internally designed to perfectly mate with the line stage, completely eliminating pairing difficulties and external cable coloration. With unsurpassed signal clarity and enormous reserve capacity, the G1-B is equally at home with classical or heavy metal, revealing the musical dimensionality of your most beloved albums.

From the custom machined chassis to the vintage military aircraft switches rated for millions of operations, each G1-B is built to be a true heritage piece that lasts for decades. Common silicon parts like digital switches and micro-controllers are susceptible to aging and very fragile to voltage fluctuations. The G1-B, however, contains nothing that could degrade easily over time. Instead of circuit boards, a three-dimensional layout eliminates unnecessary wire runs and all joints are hand crimped and soldered point-to-point to maximize signal quality. Each unit is shipped with 2 full sets of handpicked and matched vintage vacuum tubes.

The G1-B comes with a number of customization options, from case design and color to specific tuning for your system.   All  preamplifiers are hand-built to order. See selectable options below.

Coffman Labs offers a ‘common sense’ guarantee for the lifetime of the G1-B. If you ever have a problem, or want a change to a configuration, we will not charge for service—just call ahead for arrangements and pay the shipping both ways.

Base price is $9,900. Call or email to order or for further information:



Selectable Options

  • Tube complement: call to discuss
  • Dual Phono input; your choice of:
    • Dual MC at +9dB gain
    • MM + Single MC at +9 or +15 dB gain (+9 recommended as starting point)
  • Output Main 2: Values from -0dB to -12dB attenuation
  • Artisan case: Call for options. Hand worked Brass and Steel recommended.
  • Standard case: Black, Silver, Gold, and other custom colors. Any combination of knobs, sides and rods to mix or match.
  • Personalization: Name or Title or Text can be engraved on case.